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Deliver projects on-time.


Zace app can be accessed from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer.


Zace is a highly secured platform ensuring the safety of your business and personal details.


Connect with remote teams and collaborate on documents, or project updates in real-time.

plan & schedule

Schedule Your Project in Minutes

Regardless of how complex or large your project is, with Zace templates, its easier to split project into tasks and sub tasks, schedule, and assign tasks to resources.
keep the team updated

Share Projects with Team and Clients

Make project progress more transparent. Let everyone be connected with project and be aware of the process, immediate updates, and instant changes or dependencies.
easy projects management

Manage all projects in one screen

Manage multiple project and their resources, stay on budget, and present transparent project progress and ease collaboration. With Zace. it's easy to spot delays and make adjustments.
Do more. Faster.

Smarter Time Management with Zace

See the big picture of your projects visually, and increase the quality of work and let the team deliver effectively. With every tool in Zace, smarter and collaborative work is easy.
scale projects with ease

Define Your Projects' Path with Zace!

Zace is a features-rich Gantt chart based project planner and project management app, that helps you, your team and clients get the project's actual and expected progress.
what you achieve with zace

Smarter. Quicker. Easier. Effective.

Manage your projects, and effectively communicate and collaborate with your team and clients, from anywhere!
Planned vs. Actual Timeline

Compare planned timeline with actual timeline and visually grasp project's speed and progress.


Use customizable templates to schedule your projects , share with team, and save time.


Does your projects flow remain the same? Clone an existing project and schedule projects in few minutes.

Drag & Drop

Reorder tasks or subtasks, and edit project flow, and quickly share with internal team in a click.

Switch Projects

See all projects in one screen, and switch between projects in a click. Manage multiple projects at ease.


Limit user's access to projects. Modify permission levels by making them read-only, to avoid edits.


Export Gantt Chart to your mobile or any device in PNG or PDF format and view offline.


View large or complex projects' tasks in today, week, month, or year format.


Go pro. Zace is with unlimited scalability, helping you to effectively achieve more.

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