Event Planning Template

Virtual ? Corporate? Social? Seminars or Conferences?

Regardless of type of event, manage resources, budget, and organize multiple events effectively with Zace Event Planning Template.

Wrap events in style!

Designed for events of all scale and complexity!

Pre-event Planning

Budget, resources, planning, team members, inventory, and all other requirements, get your checklists prepared for multiple events, without any stress. Engage in smart and effective way of event planning.

Event Planning

Zace’s Gantt chart based event planning template guides you with a colorful and visually appealing approach towards progress in preparing and promoting  events with different timeline.


Avoiding miscommunication and emergencies, managing dependency, guests and  sharing immediate updates on-the-go, on the event day, is the key for successful event management and Zace makes it easy.


With Zace event planning template, handling post-event activities, and maintaining event coordination is like a walk in the park. Pool in all information and checklists and enjoy error-free process and  progress.

Try Zace Product Event Planning Template for FREE!

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