Event Planning Template

Event Planning Template

The Best & Free Event Planning Templates!

Zace Event Planning Template assists in ensuring an effective planning and event management!

Professional, and strategic  tools enriched templates, designed and developed to meet all events related requirements!

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For Strategic Event Planning & Management!!

Zace Event Planning Templates

Event Strategic Planner Template
Event Budget Template
Event Contract Template
Event Marketing Template
Event Management Tracker
Post- Event Template

Real-time Planning & Success!!

One Template for all Events

Zace Event Planning Templates is a ‘Roadmap’ to all events planners, guiding in each step of event planning and executing.

A handy, resourceful, and responsive event planner  assisting in effective and transparent communication with the team.

Optimize & start!!

Benefits of Zace Event Planning Template

Zace Event Strategic Planner Template is the best and powerful tool to plan, schedule, organize, track, and execute pre-event and event related works and preparations.

The Template includes :

  • Event related Planner
  • Timeline
  • Event Scope & Scheduler
  • Task Checklist
  • Team & Task Allocation

The template is your personal library with notes, To-do List, documents and sticky notes related to planning and  running the event successfully!

Detailed calculation on the key RFPs, expected expense against the income and actual expense solves the major issues related to running an event.

Have your own budget spreadsheet template with professional graphs to customize the purchases and resources.

Assist to track : 

  • Venue Expenses
  • Decor Expenses
  • Food / Beverage - Catering Expenses
  • Entertainment Expenses
  • Event Program Expenses
  • Marketing & Advertising Expenses
  • Travel & PR Expenses

Larger events need event organizers to stay on track with people related to events : Client, Vendor, and Speakers, in case of exhibitions or fairs.

Staging on track with proposals sent, attendee’s contract/ approval, and attendees attendance helps in outlining the technical and service requirements like audiovisual or performance. 

Customize for Free : 

  • Client Contracts 
  • Event Proposal
  • Vendor Template
  • Speaker Template
  • Attendance Template
  • Even / Conference Sign-in Template
Staying on track with marketing expenses and the multiple ways of marketing being done for an event itself refers to half success. Zace’s predefined event template offers a FREE and easy-to-read set up, with colorful and customizable features, to tailor your detailed marketing strategies.
  • Customizable Marketing Timeline
  • To-Do List
  • Customizable CheckList
  • Downloadable Excel

Staying on track with the team members’ progress is as important as an event‘s preparation works. This helps in taking appropriate measures immediately.

Zace Event Management Tracker Template is a thorough template filled with every minute detail. It helps you track expected employee work hours vs actual work hours, total employee hours for a task, and, pre-event and event related progress.

Post-event engagements include Feedback and review survey from participants and clients. Zace event planner template is supported with predefined tools to meet post-event requirements like ratings and reviews. 

This helps in measuring  the performance and evaluating the areas to improve for future events.

Benefits of Zace Event Planning Template!

Practical Strategies
Exceptional Performance
Delighted Clients
Connect with Team
Grow your Business
Find more Clients

Get started towards Success!!

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  • Event Planning
  • Product Launch
  • Consulting
  • Website Launch
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Professional Services
  • Learning
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