Construction Template

Construction Template

World’s First MOBILE APP with Gantt chart - Zace Construction Template!

Your intuitive tool to manage multiple construction projects in your mobile, with charts showing the start, progress, and end time of each task and project!

Zace Construction Template!

Designed to meet your needs!

Designed to meet your requirements and issues in handling and managing construction projects, Zace’s predefined yet customizable Construction Template Project Planner is all you need to simplify your work!

Pick the Constructions Template! Own it!

With Zace template, plan, organize, manage, and track work of multiple construction projects from your mobile in hand!
Work from anywhere! Manage a construction project from another site and still stay connected with the team! 
Easy-to-use, one task management platform for all projects. With Zace, managing, organizing and collaborating with team via mobile is an easy, and fastly organizable way!
Share the Gantt Chart with clients and keep them updated on the construction progress! Provide clients a bigger view in a smart way!
Stay prepared for what matters the most. Never miss a deadline.

Pick a Template! Own it!

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  • Product Launch
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  • Website Launch
  • Retail
  • Construction
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